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PKR Poker Features

Create Your Character
You can choose how your character looks and what clothing to wear! You can also earn premium clothing and accessories with your PKR points. You can choose from different shoes, hats, sunglasses, football shirts, tattoos, body piercings, headphones and more. During Game play you can use body language and give off tells to fool your opponents. Your player can also stand up when you go ALL IN!

Different Camera Views
You decide how you want to view your poker action by choosing from a variety of different camera angles. With dynamic camera mode, you can follow the game as if you were playing on tv! You can also play with the more traditional camera view, in first person mode.

Poker Game Variety
* Limit, Pot Limit and No Limit Texas Holdem & Omaha games.
* Sit & Go (SNG), Turbo Sit & Gos, and all sizes of Multi Table Tournamanets (MTT).
* Short hand and full handed ring games of all stakes.

PKR 3D Software
The 3-D environment at PKR is absolutely amazing. You can check out the actual screenshoots and videos taken from PKR that help disply the advanced 3D graphics..

PKR Community
At you can creat your own "My PKR" page that will keep track of tournament winnings. On this page you can create your own blog and make friends with other PKR Players.



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